More Than a Building

What separates Bell Works from other high-grade workspaces is that it isn’t just a building; it’s a community, teeming with culture, collaboration, and vitality.

In New Jersey, office space is abundant. But in the sea of antiquated business parks and uninspired office complexes, companies are rightfully seeking a departure from the tedium of the workplaces of yesteryear.Bell Works is much more than a building. Carrying the adventurous, pioneering spirit of its predecessors at Bell Labs, the reinvented space is unique to any other office experience in New Jersey and the surrounding region.At Bell Works, we haven’t created another office facility; we’ve created an enthralling self-contained ecosystem that will capture the minds of workers and visitors worldwide.In a stunning setting seldom found in suburban office settings — including public courtyard, piazza, and garden — Bell Works is attracting big-city companies and retailers from around the globe.