5 Stroller Friendly Things to do At Bell Works this Winter

Rain. Snow. Cold. The dreary atmosphere of winter means few options for parents of stir-crazy kids, and especially fewer options when you can’t stomach one more trip to Chucky Cheese or one more afternoon of Pinterest crafts laden with glitter and the weight of your crafty inadequacies.

But there is hope. And it looks like the quarter mile long glass enclosed Bell Works atrium – the perfect boredom buster, for parents and kids alike.

The Street at Bell Works is a great place to get your steps in for the day without battling the chill with every step: it’s a stroller-friendly pathway that connects all of the places — restaurants, open spaces, stores and even a library — with the people — parents, kids and workers — who make up the unique metroburb community. You could say, it’s always sunny at Bell Works.

Baby Brearley comes to Bell once a week to have lunch with her mom Rhea who works at iCIMS.

And though The Street is filled with great places to shop and eat, hanging out with some goldfish and a juice box is welcome too.

So, get out of the house, snag an easy to find parking spot (follow signs for Red, Blue, Yellow or Purple lots – they all lead to an atrium entrance) and discover a new place to cure your cabin fever and make some memories, without breaking the bank.

Let the kids go free range

Capped by a full-length skylight, the atrium features two large turf covered areas, perfect for letting your little ones burn off some of that pent-up energy they seem to endlessly have. Grab a seat on a bean bag chair or plop down on the ground yourself and happily let them run circles around you on either of the turf fields. Given the size of Bell Works, these astroturf fields are great spots for gentle ball games or just running free. Go ahead, rearrange all the plastic furniture, make it into a soccer goal or an obstacle course. Whatever’s you. This space is all about play.

Photo by Instagram user @megankhichiphoto.

Just add a juice box

These fields are also a perfect place to create some mom magic and throw an indoor picnic. Just bring a blanket and some food and you’re ready to go. And if packing a picnic lunch is too much work (no judgement here), there are plenty of food options at Bell Works, including chicken fingers and French fries from Mezza Luna, a cheese quesadilla from Estrella Azul, plus other options at Bell Market, Booskerdoo Coffee & Baking Co., and The Hummus & Pita Co.

Photo by Instagram user @curlyhairconspiracy.

Visit the library

With more than 60 shelves worth of books in over 18,000 square feet of space, this state-of-the-art space isn’t just a library. It’s a beautifully designed, modern multi-use learning and community center. Plus, picking up some of the latest kids books and a bestseller or two for yourself gives you a perfect reason to come back to Bell Works and explore some more. (Maybe even without the kids!) Click here for upcoming kid activities like salt dough making and polymer play.

Photo by Instagram user @aimeewong.

Get yourself a mani

If you’re a busy supermom and omniscient multi tasker, don’t forget to put some me time in your schedule. Meet a mom friend at Bell Works on Wednesdays or Fridays and schedule a manicure at Salon Concrete, the latest addition to their services menu. Tag team and get pampered while the other watches your collected kids. The salon is located right on the turf in the west atrium. For easy access, choose Purple or Yellow parking lots.

Middletown moms Nicole and Dana with their little ones Zeke and Reagan enjoying a morning on the turf.

Make Wednesdays market day

Rise above the monotony of the week’s grocery store run and mark your calendar for Bell Works Fresh, the weekly farmer’s market here. Besides just the usual fruit and veg, Fresh brings vendors of artisan breads, local art and photography, and luxuries like vintage clothing, jewelry, candles and local sauces and honeys. They even have one that offers ready made dinners and soups. The vendor mix changes weekly so check for updates on their site.

Bell Fresh vendor Annie & Em’s littlest fan!

So, if your cabin fever is at a fever pitch, turn yet another blah winter day into a memorable one by stopping in and checking out Bell Works.