Haute couture may be the inspiration of the fashion world, but it’s the prêt-à-porter that drives the market – clothing that’s on the rack and ready to wear. In the office real estate market, the pre-built office space is that ‘ready to wear garment’ — designed to get a business off the ground quickly, and with style.

Pre-built office spaces leverage the best of art and design and are home to dozens of startups and entrepreneurs looking for more than four walls and wifi. They’re searching for an experience that values their unique energy and nomadic work style. Large, corporate headquarters and research labs are also moving in, choosing Bell Works because of its legacy of innovation, collaborative spirit and developer Ralph Zucker’s vision for a metroburb.

While tenants benefit from the services of Somerset Development’s expert team of architects, construction professionals and designers to plan and execute their renovations, the pre-built offices, 21 in all, owe their distinctive energy and beauty to Paola Zamudio, founder of NPZ Style + Décor and Creative Director of Bell Works. Her work includes a portfolio of high-end design and a love affair with midcentury modern.

Each pre-built office space is its own work of art. Zamudio creates moodboards for each space and represent a distinct aesthetic including color palette, furnishings and surfaces. The Nero Light inspiration board below is just one example.

“In the beginning, it was hard to visualize being here, for all of us,” Zamudio said. “There was nothing here that spoke to the vision of our future. So we looked back to the past, to Saarinen and the Bell Labs’ ETA art communities that spoke to themes of collaboration, cross functional spaces and disciplines.”

Zamudio’s Trend Forecasting degree and experience makes her an expert in knowing what new concepts in space, furnishings and decorations are possible so she can bring these innovations and perspectives into conversations with clients to help them design the most meaningful space possible for them to accomplish their goals.

Office space at vi Hubs, the company that manages coworking space in Bell Works.

“Our work at NPZ for Bell Works is about people, the community of humans that are choosing Bell Works,” Zamudio said. “We provide an environment that nurtures creative, collaborative aspects of human nature and attracts those who are comfortable bringing their expertise in business and their creative natures together.”

Jay Bhatti, Founder & CTO of BrandProject is a tenant in pre-built space.

“Bell Works, the building itself, is a great place to have visitors — your clients, partners — because of the history of the building and its powerful architectural presence. I like my pre-built office because it’s everything I need and it’s easy,” Bhatti said. “After paying my membership, all I do is show up to work in this amazing space and everything else is taken care of. As far as the look and feel, it’s got great design elements that take advantage of all this natural light. I love that.”

Listen to Ralph Zucker talk about office space at Bell Works in the new video, Bell Works Spaces – Office 

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