Check Out a 360° Tour of Bell Works

Kevin Liptak, owner and CCO of Refresh Advertising, is used to thinking and going big. And he is growing his company at Bell Works for that reason: it’s the perfect space to think big and show other brands how they can go big, too. Refresh is a full-service digital agency that utilizes the latest tech, high-definition video, 360° photos, videos, tours, and virtual reality in particular, to create engaging and memorable experiences for brands.

“Any time a photo doesn’t do a space or project justice, we use tech to really immerse someone in it,” Kevin said.

The company takes its name from its use of forward-thinking technologies, the latest techniques and a little creativity to reinvigorate and revitalize brands. They take pride in bringing virtual reality to companies big and small, as long as the size or scope of a project would benefit from the technology. And when Kevin first saw Bell Works a little over a year ago, the size and scope of this historic building instantly spoke to him.

“It was just such a cool space,” said Kevin about his first time here. “You just felt an energy being here.”

And that energy was part of why, not long after, Refresh relocated from a coworking space in Fort Monmouth to CoLab the coworking space here.

See the roof deck in 360°.

The coworking community includes graphic designers, app developers, real estate professionals, marketers, photographers and business coaches. And the industries they work in are diverse: farming, human resources, non-profit, education, legal and more. Click here for membership rates.

Since its move, Refresh has found ways to spotlight their new home in some recent projects, like leveraging the iconic exterior of the world’s largest mirror for a car commercial filmed together with fellow CoLab company Silver Style Pictures.

“We appreciate the CoLab environment, where you can network with people outside your door,” said Kevin. “It makes you want to push yourself a little harder, innovate a little more.”

It was in that spirit of innovation and wanting to capture the impressive scale that makes walking into the space such a “wow” moment that Kevin and the Refresh team created Bell Works in 360°. To virtually put viewers in the metroburb, Refresh combined the building’s logo, colors, imagery, and iconography along with the team’s photography to create an immersive brand experience. The end result is a web and virtual reality version that blends Bell Works’ branding with high-resolution 360° shots of several building “hotspots.”

Get a 360° look inside one of the coworking spaces.

“Our goal is always, especially in the case of the Bell Works project, to capture the size and scale of a place in ways that a photo alone can’t,” said Kevin. “I’m really proud of this one.”

Bell Works in 360° was first featured as a demo at The New Jersey Advertising Club’s annual “Innovation Summit “ in November 2018 at Bell Works.

You can view Bell Works in 360° here.

When it comes to their virtual reality capabilities, Refresh Advertising has simplified the production process, making this technology, which was once only a novelty available to billion dollar businesses, an accessible and affordable business tool available to your average company.

“Virtual reality can be used for every use under the sun,” said Kevin. “Headsets are getting cheaper, quality is getting better. Like everything else, it’s all about how quickly the tech moves.”

Brands that partner with Refresh can bring their work to life with branded 360° environments, photography, and video. They can then showcase their space with their own portable, wireless headsets, like the Oculus Go, which can also be custom wrapped and carried in a logoed carrying case.

“We’re focused on solving business problems with virtual reality and 360° photography,” said Kevin. “Our real thing is combining a company’s brand with the experience. It’s not the experience for the experience’s sake.”

See our coworking rates, building amenities and space options. Download the Bell Works Template for Growth.

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