Coming Soon to Bell Works: Fit Lab, A Curated Fitness Experience

An inhouse gym at the office is nice, but a Stairmaster and some free weights isn’t enough for a little city in the suburbs.

To satisfy the fitness needs of its growing tenant base, and for the public it welcomes everyday, Bell Works is launching a diverse collection of fitness concepts to lunge, stretch and sweat your way to a healthier you.

The Fit Lab experience won’t be like hitting the gym or fitness center in the highway strip mall where the neighborhood bonus is hitting a big box store for errands. Nestled within the metroburb, Fit Lab will be a natural part of the live-work-play community. Fitness goers will find a larger experience with amenities like the Holmdel Library, Booskerdoo coffee shop, Salon Concrete, the Bell Market eateries, home store City Barn | Country Penthouse, and the weekly farmers market.

Negotiations are under way for the group of businesses which will form Fit Lab, a cluster of exercise facilities that will be a key component of the metroburb’s continued transformation to a bustling indoor downtown. The Bar Method signed on as the first piece of the puzzle. Still to come, a full service gym and two more boutique fitness businesses.

The Bar Method offers 4 different barre classes: Classic Bar Method, Bar Move, Bar Advanced and a Bar Express class. 

Sabre Real Estate Group Senior Vice President Justin Korinis is overseeing a leasing process that has been part recruitment, part competition between businesses eager to join Bell Works.

“We’re really trying to do the best in class, the coolest, the best version of every one of these that we can possibly do,” Korinis said.

Chrissy Valerio, owner of The Bar Method Holmdel and Shrewsbury

“The Bar Method isn’t just an ordinary fitness studio,” said Ralph Zucker, President of Somerset Development. “It’s part of an experience we’re curating, providing some of the coolest city-style experiences to our daily workers, frequent visitors and the broader community.”

The plan for Fit Lab is to build a modern 10,000-square-foot gym and divide an adjacent 9,000-square-foot area among a group of boutique fitness businesses. The plan is to also convert an existing Bell Labs-era fitness facility, located on the lower level, into a locker room area. To a passerby, Fit Lab will look like four small storefronts on the ground floor. What they’ll actually be seeing is the three boutique facilities and a fourth door to the full-service gym, which will form the shape of an L behind them.

It will likely have company. Korinis is negotiating a stipulation that would require the occupants of the large space allow members of the boutique businesses to have access to the showers and locker room. He would also like to see all four Fit Lab tenants work together to create packages, such as premium gym membership that would come with classes in the other businesses.

Although Sabre continues to weigh its options, Korinis mentioned yoga, a cycling studio, a pilates studio, cross fit and personal training as the kinds of uses that could work in the boutique spaces. The businesses should complement each other and not offer duplicative services, he said.

“To a certain degree we’re playing Tetris by trying to fit the pieces together,” Korinis said. “Each use has different space and construction requirements, so that’s something we’re considering as well.”

While there is no set timeline, the goal is for Fit Lab to be filled out by the end of 2019. News on the final occupants should come soon.

Stretch and sweat your way to a healthier you at Bell Works.

Korinis expects that Fit Lab will draw a high percentage of users from outside the building and drive traffic to the other retail tenants. Fitness facilities are excellent for that, as members tend to visit multiple times per week, he said.

“We want people from all over Monmouth County thinking of this as a place to come hang out in the same way that they think of Red Bank or Asbury Park as destinations for fun, entertainment and dining,” Korinis said. “The goal of this pedestrian main street is to do that, but indoors in a place where we’ve got dedicated free parking and it’s weatherproof.”

Interested in making your fitness concept part of Fit Lab? Click here to contact the retail team.

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