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Sound Healing with Modern Hippi

February 22, 2022 @ 12:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Celebrate “Twos day” at the Block, with vendor shopping, sound healing sessions, and free samples. 2/22 or 222 represents peace, love, and new beginnings. We will be featuring two sound healing sessions with crystal bowls tuned to 432hz, vendor shopping, and giveaways!

12-5 Shop Local Vendors

2-3 New Beginnings Sound Healing Session 1

3:30-5 Free Oracle Card Readings or Aura Cleanse

6:15-7 Blue Lotus Tea Tasting + Info Session

7:15-8:15 New Beginnings Sound Healing Session 2

About New Beginnings Sound Healing Session: The 22nd of Feb carries the energy of 222 and is said to help promote peace, love, and new beginnings. As a way to celebrate this, Modern Hippi will be hosting 2 sound healing sessions at the Block. Using crystal bowls tuned to 432hz, you will be lead on a peaceful guided meditation complimented by healing frequencies. Sound healing is said to have many benefits such as relieving stress and promoting a feeling of calm and relaxation.

How it works: Just bring a yoga mat and wear something comfy and perhaps a blanket if you get cold easily. For this hour session, you will sit or lay on your mat that overlooks the beautiful Bell Works scenery while you drift away to the meditative crystal bowls.

Blue Lotus Tea tasting and Info Session: Egyptian Blue Lotus dates back to ancient times and is considered to promote expanded relaxation, insomnia relief, and even lucid dreaming. In this session, you will get to taste the delicate tea while you learn about the intriguing history of the Egyptian Blue Lotus. A great compliment to anyone that will be attending the evening sound session.

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