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The Vitality Society – For Those Young At Heart

November 18, 2020 @ 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm


Wednesday, November 18, 2020 at 1 pm
followed by optional Physical Therapy class at 2 pm.


The time has never been more urgent or the need greater to keep older people connected and well. Join this live on Zoom session and learn how to achieve vitality in the context of community based on the latest research by Holmdel native Meredith Oppenheim who has been working with older people for over 30 years since she was a Holmdel High School student.

January 2020 Meredith Oppenheim launched Vitality Society to keep people 60 and better at their best. Since Spring 2020 Meredith, her husband and daughter have been living part-time with her parents in her childhood home while she has been busily working on her startup which members have referred to as “an oasis in chaos,” “my lifeline,” and “a portal of community and opportunity.”

The online platform which was recently featured in the New York Times offers a unique and valuable solution to the isolation faced by some people who are over 60. There are many online classes, but as good as these classes may be, they typically don’t foster meaningful connections between members and with coaches. Vitality Society fosters a community through interesting and inspiring classes designed to tap into members’ vitality, creativity and curiosity. It is like a virtual campus for those over 60 offering multiple fitness, wellness and enrichment classes every day live on Zoom taught by top-tier coaches.

Members from all over the US and even abroad get to know each other. They come before and stay after the classes to chat and share experiences. Even though many have not met in person, they have become friends. Members may also teach classes. One member, who is an artist, created and curated a virtual gallery of members’ art produced during the weekly art class. Other members have made presentations to the group on their specialties in medicine, politics and other subjects.

This virtual program will be a Zoom presentation by Vitality Society Founder & CEO, Meredith Oppenheim (HHS ’91) which will include an interactive presentation, discussion and Q&A followed by one of the most popular Vitality Society classes which consistently receive 5 out of 5 star ratings. For an advanced peak, go to https://www.vitality-society.com/posts/vitality-society-video-overview  Encourage your family and friends to join as well. All who sigh up will receive a complimentary month of Vitality Society with over 60 classes to chose from to (re)vitalize you.

Meredith Oppenheim is a Holmdel native and has been working with older people for over 30 years. She earned a US Congressional Award as a teenager for her commitment to improving the quality and length of life of older people. She has parlayed this passion into her profession since graduating from Harvard Business School in 2001. Her last corporate position was with the REIT Ventas where she oversaw a multi-billion-dollar portfolio of senior housing communities. After serving as an advisor to companies, governments and families, during Fall 2019, she wrote the white paper ‘A New Look at an Aging Industry’ with the American Senior Housing Association urging the industry to look critically and creatively at their practices. Meredith has a fresh and refreshing perspective on what it takes to sustain the vitality of a generation young at heart that wants to stay that way.