When the Biggest Office Perk is Getting Out of the Office

You won’t find a slide or a pool table in the new offices of iCIMS under construction here at Bell Works. And there won’t be a brew pub or a sushi bar.

“Our perk is go home and live your life,” said Colin Day, Chairman and CEO of iCIMS.

A great work-life balance, with emphasis on having a life, is at the center of company culture and it’s one of the reasons CEO Colin Day chose to build his new space at Bell Works, where life is as close as the ground floor.

The HR recruiting software provider, founded in 2000, helps employers find and hire job seekers. They offer a suite of scalable, cloud-based talent acquisition solutions that streamlines the entire hiring process for recruiters, hiring managers, and even the job candidates. iCIMS is one of the fastest-growing and largest providers in their space, and they’re one of the fastest-growing and largest tenants in Bell Works.

iCIMS says it’s offering employees a quality of life not driven by sushi bars and gimmicks. “We want people to be happy, healthy and grow at work.”

“We have been growing very quickly over the last several years, and we knew that we needed new office space that would fit our growing employee base and share our innovative culture,” says Day. “We thought about splitting up and having two separate campuses, but it’s always been our desire to keep everyone together. So we narrowed our search down to spaces in the local area that not only support a company of our size that is growing as fast as we are, but also one that is aligned with the culture we are creating. Bell Works checks every box!”

iCIMS, which outgrew its current Matawan, NJ location in just a few years, will have plenty space at its new digs set to open before year-end. The company has leased all of tower three, of the 2 million square foot building, made up of four towers. Teams of engineers, writers, developers, account executives, salespeople and more will have room to spread out, and grow up through additional floors in the tower. There will even be spaces for remote workers to work on site when needed.

Deb Walsh from iCIMS’ workplace services team says the new offices are designed to reflect the company’s corporate image with a nod to the pedigree of the historic building.

“The style, although forward thinking, reflects some of the history of Bell Works with advanced technology, mid-century modern flair and an industrial edge,” Walsh said. “Emphasis is placed on natural materials with enduring quality such as wood and glass. Each floor will be built around a central hub with a pantry and living area.”

Len Carella, VP of Infrastructure talks with Jed Michaelson, Director of Brand on a recent tour of Bell Works. Deb Walsh from iCIMS’ workplace services team is at the center.

For playfulness the company’s signature color, red, will pop throughout the spaces against fresh white backdrops. Other surfaces will have neutral finishes and an open ceiling will complement the original, concrete building construction.

But it’s what’s beyond the walls of the new office that most drew Day and his team to the space, the metroburb vibe.

“Although we are a leading tech company, we don’t see ourselves fitting the typical Silicon Valley tech model,” said Susan Vitale, Chief Marketing Officer of iCIMS. “At iCIMS, we really appreciate work-life balance, and we love that Bell Works has that work-life integration. We don’t supply employees with breakfast, lunch and dinner because we want them to get out of the office. If our employees want to step out of the office, they can grab a cup of coffee and admire the beautiful outdoor scenery, check out the retail space, or hit the gym.

With city style amenities downstairs, iCIMS isn’t sending the subtle (or not so subtle) message of other tech companies, “Look, we’ve provided all your needs so you never have to leave.” It’s saying something entirely different (and refreshing). Work hard when you’re here and enjoy life when you’re not.

After signing its lease last year iCIMS held its annual holiday party in the Bell Works main atrium.

“Now at the end of the day if we want to go for happy hour, it’s not, ‘Where are we going and who’s driving,’ it’s, ‘Hey, I’ll meet you downstairs,’” Vitale said“At Bell Works you don’t have to go very far to do more things outside of work.”

Which is exactly Ralph Zucker’s vision for the mini city, where life is within walking distance.

To move his company to Bell Works, with its Bell Labs legacy for innovation, is a dream for Day who has his own history with the building.

“This is more than a move for us. It’s more like a homecoming. Our funding founder, George Liou, worked in Bell Works for 10 years. And when Colin worked for George as a tech recruiter, he was recruiting people for this space,” Vitale said. “Now, he’s bringing his company of nearly 650 employees back to where it all started.”

The iCIMS c-suite team on lease signing day. Ronald Kasner, Chief Financial Officer; Adam Feigenbaum, Chief Customer Officer; Colin Day, CEO and President; Susan Vitale, Chief Marketing Officer; and Michael Wilczak, Senior Vice President, Corporate Development.

For the future, iCIMS says it has bought into Ralph’s vision and is looking forward to creating a much larger draw for tech talent to stay in NJ. The company aims to educate local job seekers that they don’t need to relocate to Silicon Valley, New York or Austin.

“New Jersey is a great place for technology. We have some of the most educated, intelligent people in the country, plus the history. Those people who worked for Bell Labs, they didn’t go anywhere. They’re part of the community and so are their kids,” Day said.

“If you work in tech you don’t have to go into the city or move across the country because there are fantastic opportunities right in our backyard.”

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