How to Refresh Your Coworking Space for Summer: Tips from the Ultimate Chicago Coworking Space 

At coLab in Bell Works Chicagoland, we provide a wide range of coworking spaces from individual desks to full suites that foster creativity, inspiration, and a thriving culture. Whether you’re already a coworking space member or considering joining our vibrant community, these insights will help you maximize your workspace as we welcome the warmer months.

Tips on How To Fresh Up Your Chicago Coworking Space This Summer

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Our team of experts is excited to share tips on how to refresh your coworking space for this summer season!

1. Bring the Outdoors In

Incorporate elements of nature into your Chicago coworking space. Consider adding potted plants or fresh flowers to infuse the space with greenery and promote a sense of well-being among members. The coLab and Bell Works spaces have many fresh plants that actually create nooks for privacy while cleaning the air. Also, we refresh flowers around the building regularly!

2. Declutter and Reorganize

Summer is the perfect time for thoroughly decluttering and reorganizing your coworking space. Encourage members to clear out unnecessary clutter, organize their workstations, and create designated areas for different tasks to improve workflow and productivity. Consider resetting your workspace on a slow summer Friday. 

3. Enjoy the Sun While Working

With the warmer weather encouraging people to enjoy the outdoors, consider introducing flexible seating arrangements that allow members to work al fresco or in outdoor spaces. Bell Works Chicagoland has an outdoor patio at the World’s Fair where you can also enjoy live music. Check out our calendar to see who’ll be performing. 

4. Encourage Outdoor Breaks and Activities

Encourage members to take advantage of the warmer weather by incorporating outdoor breaks and activities into their workday routines. Organize group walks, yoga sessions, or brainstorming sessions in nearby parks or green spaces to foster creativity and connection. Check out Bell Works FitLab, a full-service fitness center that is now open to the tenants as well as the local community. 

5. Seek Feedback and Collaboration

Finally, don’t forget to seek feedback from your coworking community on ways to improve and refresh the space. Encourage members to share their ideas and suggestions for improving the coworking experience this summer. By fostering a culture of collaboration and open communication, you can ensure that your coworking space continues to evolve and meet the needs of its members.

The Importance of Prioritizing Health and Wellness in Summertime

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While it’s essential to prioritize health and wellness year-round, it’s especially important during summer. The transition to summer offers a prime opportunity to reevaluate and revitalize our personal and professional approach to well-being.

Seasonal Shifts and Well-Being

The arrival of summer brings about significant changes in our environment, from longer days and warmer temperatures to vibrant greenery and fresh air. Embracing these seasonal shifts can have a profound impact on our overall well-being, promoting increased energy levels, improved mood, and enhanced productivity in the workplace.

Mental Health and Renewal

Summertime offers a sense of renewal and rejuvenation, making it an ideal time to focus on mental health and emotional well-being. With the sun shining and nature in full bloom, employees may experience a boost in mood and a reduction in stress levels. Employers can support this by promoting work-life balance, encouraging outdoor breaks, and providing resources for mental health support and stress management.

Physical Activity and Movement

With the warmer weather and longer daylight hours, summer provides opportunities for employees to engage in physical activity and movement. Encouraging outdoor walks, bike rides, or group fitness activities can not only improve physical health but also foster team bonding and collaboration. Employers can also consider implementing wellness programs or initiatives that promote regular exercise and active lifestyles. At Bell Works, we have many interactive summer events coming up! 

Nutrition and Healthy Eating Habits

With summertime comes fresh fruits, vegetables, and seasonal produce, making it the perfect time to focus on nutrition and healthy eating habits. Employers can support this by offering healthy snack options in the workplace, organizing nutrition workshops, or hosting farmer’s market events.

Allergies and Environmental Wellness

While summer brings many joys, it can also bring seasonal allergies and environmental challenges. Employers can support employees’ environmental wellness by providing clean indoor air, implementing green cleaning practices, and creating allergy-friendly work environments. For example, wiping down desks with a damp cloth to catch all the dust or even avoid using cleaning supplies with strong fragrances.

Summer Vibes: Enhancing Productivity and Wellness in Your Coworking Space

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Chicago comes to life during the summer! Take the opportunity to refresh your coworking space and create an environment that inspires creativity, productivity, and collaboration. With these tips from Bell Works Chicagoland, you can make the most of your workspace and embrace summertime. 

Also, remember that prioritizing health and wellness in the summertime is essential for creating a positive and productive work environment. Here’s to a season of growth, renewal, and endless possibilities in our vibrant coworking community!

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