Photography Guidelines

For guidelines on personal photography, 
read on for our FAQs:

Do I need to schedule an appointment? 

Nope! Unless you’d like to shoot for photoshoot purposes. If so, you can reach out to

Can I take photos at Bell Works for my website? 

No. We understand it’s a beautiful backdrop, but that privilege is reserved to our tenants. Photography is allowed for personal or educational use only.

Can I sell the photos I take of Bell Works? 

No. Unless you have a commercial agreement with us. 

Where can I take pictures? 

The upper and basement levels of our building are occupied by private tenants, and so are off limits. Our “Block” is open to the public and includes beautiful open spaces for public use, shops, eateries, and even an outdoor terrace. We welcome you to visit and photograph any of these places. 

May I film with a drone? 

Not at this time. If you’re looking to use a drone for commercial purposes, please contact:

When is the building open? 

Except for special events, Bell Works is open daily during the following hours: 6am-12am.

What kind of photos should I post? 

Your best work! We love Bell Works and our metroburb community. We want the photos you take to showcase the building in all its mid-century glory. 

We ask that you send your photos to our Creative Team at for approval before publishing.

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For commercial photoshoots please contact Blane at:

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